Goose Clothes Galore

3 letter limit for large or medium. 1 letter limit for small or Tiny. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Customized Cheerleader
Customized Cheerleader
Item# S-CH
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Product Description

The Goose Clothes Galore goose cheerleader outfit comes complete with hair bow, blouse, pom-poms, and skirt. We can make ANY team in the country with the color schemes you provide us with. Logo's are trademarks and cannot be added by us.

This outfit is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced in whole or part.

When ordering be sure to include the lettering. 3 letter limit for the large outfits and 1 letter limit for the Medium and Tiny outfits.

If we have any questions on your order we will contact you for clarification.