Goose Clothes Galore

Adopt a Good Luck Goose and get 1 FREE outfit!

If you never had a goose but always wanted one......our goose is just what you need. Made of durable plastic this goose can be filled with sand, gravel, marbles or small rocks for extra weight!!

With every new goose you adopt you will get to choose one free outfit up to $17.95 in value).



The Story behind the “Good Luck Goose”.

Many people over the years have asked me why do people have cement or plastic geese in the yard, garden, house or front porch?

I have done a lot of research on this subject over the past several years and here is what I have found……..

The concept of geese bringing good luck actually dates back several hundreds of years ago in early American pioneer settlements.

As early pioneers moved west across the United States and set up households that were far removed from “centers of civilization” the life they found was a difficult one. It was fraught with disease, predators, hostile natives, and crop destroying insects.

One vital animal that helped them survive was……the Goose!!!

The Goose provided MANY essential services and products for the early American pioneer helping to ensure their survival in the wilderness.

Geese provided an early warning system for the pioneers against predatory animals and men. This is because geese are VERY territorial and when they see an intruder approaching they honk like crazy, flap their wings and will even attack an intruder.

Geese also provided a valuable service for the gardens of the pioneers as they loved to feast on invasive insects that would damage crops!!

Finally geese also provided feathers for quilts, bedding and pillows. They also of course were used as a food source at times and there was even a healing balm made from the goose that was used to treat wounds.

So the goose as a symbol of survival and “Good Luck” was deeply ingrained in the American psyche dating back hundreds of years.

The attitude towards geese changed over time as the nation expanded and the critical role the goose played in the early pioneer days ended.

Now owning a cement or plastic goose has morphed into a “Good Luck” symbol of protection just as they protected the early American pioneers.