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Coronavirus impact statement

Coronavirus impact statement

Although all our goose clothes are handcrafted in the USA we rely on a broad range of suppliers from around the world to provide us with the fabric, accessories and other supplies needed to make the goose clothes.

Recent developments regarding the world wide spread of the coronavirus is disrupting our supply chains making it more difficult to make and ship orders in a timely manner.

Additional safety measures and limitations on the designers here in Ohio and Michigan are only adding to the delays. Rest assured that your safety and the safety of all our designers is paramount and will not be compromised under any circumstances.

Please be advised that we will be making some changes to ship datesÖÖunder normal circumstances we ship almost everything in For the time being please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment. WE WILL MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO STILL SHIP YOUR ORDER IN 4-7 DAYS OR LESS.

Additionally if an item on your order is not available we will notify you via email to allow you to make any changes/substitutions you wish on your order.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your understanding.

James Cole Owner, Goose Clothes Galore