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Virus rules and updates for sewers and shipping updated on 3/28/2020

Virus rules and updates for sewers

Here is the safety plan until further notice:

I will be coming to YOUR location whenever possible to make the pick ups/ drop offs.

I will let you know when I am on the way so you can sit the bags outside just prior to my arrivalÖ..there will be no face to face contact under any circumstances!

I need everyone to do the following for health reasons: Wash or sanitize your hands when you handle the fabric or supplies.

If you stop sewing for any length of time and return to it (even for just a few minutes) wash again.

Same thing goes for every step of the packaging process.

Wash or sanitize your hands prior to handling the contents of your supply bags that are dropped off

If you have NON BLEACH disinfectant sprays (like Lysol) you are encouraged to use them on all supplies and material after you check for color fastness

When making the outfits avoid touching your face or eyes!

If by chance you or anyone in your household does become ill for ANY reason I will need to know RIGHT AWAY so I can make any adjustments needed at the time.

Shipping department:

All packages interiors and exteriors are to be disinfected prior to packing/shipping.

N 95 facemasks are required at all times!

Sanitize hands every 30 minutes!

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!