Goose Clothes Galore

Here are a few ways to help your goose and goose clothes last longer

Our goose clothes are made from the finest apparel grade cloth. Like all clothing the sun is an enemy. If at all possible try to position your goose so it is in a shaded area.

To make your outfits last longer we recommend that you spray them lightly with a water proofing spray 3 times before you display them. Be sure to allow them to dry between sprayings and test the fabric before you spray it. A good water proofer is Scotchgard brand.

If you must wash the clothes remove all accesories first then hand wash as if they were delicates in cold water.

Many hats and headpieces for goose outfits are made with an elastic band holding them in place. Elastic is used because the size of the head will vary from goose to goose as there is no one particular mold that is a standard size.

Over time the elastic may stretch and the hat or headpiece may slip off. High wind areas will also cause the hat or headpiece to slip off. To prevent that there are 2 things you can do.

Before you put on the hat or headpiece on take a small piece of double backed carpet tap and attach it to the goose...then put the hat or headpiece on.

Another option is if the elastic does stretch you can cut the elastic strip in the middle that is holding the hat or headpiece on and make it into a tie.

If the neck of your cement goose breaks this may help...

If you still have both pieces and the break is clean, go to a hardware store and purchase "Clear PVC pipe glue". Follow the instructions making sure you brace your goose's neck for 24 hours to ensure a solid hold......once the glue has dried you can use sandpaper to remove any excess glue and repaint the repaired area could also replace it with a plastic goose.