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Money saving tips!

Money saving tips!
#1 Shipping:

As many of you know the United States Postal Service raised their rates again ! However they are still be the most economical way to ship (all the other shippers raised their rates in November).

Like all the other small businesses we get NO DISCOUNT from them (not a penny). The USPS only gives discounts to companies that ship by the semi truck load.

Unfortunately had to raise our shipping and handling costs to match the increase charged to us.

A great way to save money is to order more than one outfit at a time. The more outfits I can fit into one box the lower the shipping costs are PER OUTFIT (the greatest savings starts at 4 outfits).

If you are buying a gift for someone we can ship it directly to the recipient saving you reshipping costs....we even let them know who sent the gift and no invoice is included in your shipment unless you specifically request it.

The shipping charges include postage, handling (we have to pay people in the shipping department a fair wage) and insurance.

#2 Goose points (our customer loyalty program)!

You can earn points for every qualifying purchase towards FREE goose clothes....check out the goose points member section for all the goosey details and register today!

#3 Taking proper care of your goose clothes.

Check out the care tips section for tips on how to keep your precious goose outfits lasting longer...saving you replacement costs!

#4 Grab bag

Goose outfits at the LOWEST price ANYWHERE!

Thank you for shopping at Goose Clothes Galore!