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"Goose Points" Rules

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Product Description

1. Open to all residents of the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

2. To collect and redeem points you MUST be registered.

3. Shipping and handling charges for FREE outfits are not included unless otherwise noted during a special promotion.

4. No expiration date on points earned.

5. Points are not transferable. Only the purchaser (the person actually paying for the order) may collect or redeem goose points on any given order. Only ONE person per account.

6. Sales tax not included (Ohio residents only).

7. "Goose Points" have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.

8. "Goose Points" can ONLY be earned through on line purchases (orders placed by phone, email, regular mail or fax do not count) FREE OUTFITS do not count towards accumulated points.

9. "Goose Points" can ONLY be earned on RETAIL purchases.

10. When you make a purchase you MUST add "Goose Point member" in the comment section to receive your points for that purchase.

11. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the "Goose Points" program without notice.

12. As a "Goose Points" member you agree to receive on occasion special offers, notices or sales information from us via email that are ONLY available to registered "Goose Point" members. If you choose NOT to receive the emails your account will be cancelled and all goose points will be invalidated.

13. With every qualifing purchase we will mail you a note with your current "Goose Point" total awarded.

14. Failure to abide by the "Goose Points" rules may cause you to be disqualified from participation without any compensation.

15. Purchases made prior to submitting your registration will not be eligible for receiving goose point credits.